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I love Lisbon! It is a place full of energy, life, and vibrancy. I really love that you see the same faces around and how quickly you can form a diverse community. From a start up point of view it’s a great place to be because there are so many people working on entreprenurial ventures and it’s fantastic because we can all help each other.


Niklas Kuegler, Founder of Ocafi | Accelerator Cohort Member

Why Lisbon?

Europe’s sunniest capital, Lisbon has put itself on the global entrepreneurship stage for international companies and startups alike. The startup scene in Portugal is up-and-coming, growing rapidly each year, and soon to become the startup capital of Southern Europe with enterprises including: Talkdesk, Landing.jobs and Unbabel, among many others calling Lisbon home.

On the radar of big corporations who are looking to open an office abroad and entrepreneurs aiming to start a project, Lisbon, and the Portuguese government, offer a helping hand to settle, start or continue a project or company in its country.